What’s This Blog About?

I started blogging, but then I couldn’t decide what my blog’s focus should be.  So, I backed off for a month or two.  I’m back this summer.  I’m still formulating my purpose for blogging, but I think I was overthinking the problem.  You see, it’s my blog, so I can write about whatever I want to.  Not everything I write will be of interest to everyone anyway, so I am just going to write!

This blog is going to be about genealogy—my quest for my own ancestors, and my work researching for others.

I’ll share pitfalls and problems, and surprises and success stories.

Eventually, I might evolve this into a kind of genealogy police.  I am so tired of finding incorrect information online, that I really want to do something about it.  I understand that people might confuse two men of the same name living at the same time in a locality, but online trees that match a late 1700s mountain man born in VA and died in Colorado, but married in England are absolutely ridiculous.  I suppose it’s possible, but you would have to upload a copy of the marriage record showing the birthplace for that to be accepted as truth—except on the internet where with an upload or a click you can make anything happen.  Talk about making anything happen—how about pedigrees that show a man is the father of himself by his own wife.  Mistakes like that should be caught and corrected before uploading, but people are not careful.  My genealogy pruners could fix that: “Correct your family tree or I’m going to take an ax to it!”  Is that too strongly worded?

And, I will use the blog to advertise.  I can do research for you!

Anyway, it’s summer.  School is out!  I’m ready (I think) to do this Blog thing!