My Revolutionary War Patriots


Happy Independence Day. Thank you to my Revolutionary War Ancestors.

This post is a rerun of my list from last year, with the addition of a new Patriot to my list.

Using the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) website,  I did an ancestor check and found that my ancestor, Jenkin Phillips of Loudoun County, Virginia, was listed.  At a recent workshop on using the DAR website, Melinda King, regent for Southwest Indiana, suggested that one first look for ancestors who were alive during the time period of the Revolutionary War.  First check to see if the ancestor is already listed as a patriot at the DAR using their Ancestor Index.  If he or she is not listed, that does not mean he or she did not serve–just that no one has joined the society under that patriot’s name.  So, you check for military service or other acts of service at the time.  Giving supplies or serving on a jury can also count as patriotic duty.

As a teacher, I try to make sure every student can instantly tell me what war was happening in 1776—it was the Revolutionary War!  The war years span 1775-1783.  Men (and a few women), young and old, took up arms to fight for our independence from England.  Many of us had ancestors who fought in this war.  Some didn’t fight but supplied materials—horses, food—and were repaid by the then fledgling federal government.  Plus, the government, desiring that more people move West, gave large parcels of land to veterans.  A few of our ancestors may have fought for the other side!

The forefathers who fought  are mostly great-great-great-great-grandparents, give or take a great.  For fun, search and see if your ancestor is listed.  If you want to join the DAR or SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) or other lineage societies, and need help with your search, contact me.  Not all of my ancestors are listed at DAR or SAR because no one has joined through them.  I’m going to work on changing that over the next year.

Thank you to all my veteran ancestors!


David Norton—born in 1763 in Fluvanna, VA according the his Revolutionary War record recently discovered.   “David Norton aged 17 was 5 foot 4 and 1/2 inches tall. He had dark hair, Blue eyes and a Fair completion. He had a scar on the left side of his jaw. His occupation was given as a “Planter” from Virginia, Fluvana County. He was born in Virginia, Fluvana County and was a substitute for a man in Amherst County. He entered the service on the 18th of May 1780 and served 1 Year and 6 months.


Henry Gay—born about 1758 in Virginia.  Died 1831 Perry County, Kentucky.  His descendants did not know he had served until his name was mentioned in the pension affidavits of Harper Ratcliff who served with Henry.


Garrett McAllister—born about 1765 in Virginia.  Died August 31, 1816, Mason Co, Virginia.  Served Capt Galloway’s 22nd Dist, Botetourt County, Virginia.


Enoch Russell—born October 1760 Essex Co, VA.  Died August 29, 1848, Jackson Co, Ohio.  Served Caroline County, VA.


Robert Gott—born 1745 in Orange Co, NC.  Died in 1840 Montgomery Co, IN.  I’ve not completely proven this is the father of my ancestor Thomas Gott, b. 1790, but he’s in the right places at the right times.


John F. Miles—Born 1759 in Virginia.  Died October 9, 1828, Henry Co, KY.


Elijah Stout—born 1743 Hunterdon Co, NJ.  Died after 1834, in Kentucky.  Served from Culpeper Co, VA.


Peter VanDyke—born 1747 in New York.  Died June 27, 1816, Shelby Co, KY.


Jesse Harper—married 1790 to Hannah Ratliff, lived in Tazewell Co, VA.


Abednego White—born about 1734 Prince Georges Co, MD.  Died May 25, 1820 in Tazewell Co, VA.


Walter Billingsley—An unexpected find at the DAR site.  I didn’t think my direct Billingsley line was in the war, but here he is!  Walter, born 1744 in St. Mary’s Co, MD.  Died August 16, 1810 in Harford Co, MD.  (Grandfather of Joseph Billingsley of Schuyler County, IL.)


John Warfield—born about 1740 Anne Arundel Co, MD.  Died before 1820.


Richard  Auten (Aten)—born Aug 22, 1721 Hunterdon Co, NJ; died Sept 8, 1809 Northampton Co, PA.


James Allison—born Mar 30, 1747, Prince Georges Co, MD; died Mar 27, 1847 in Brooke Co, WV.


Charles Allison SR—father of above, born about 1728 Prince Georges Co, MD.  Died after 1800.


Michael Harmon—born about 1744, possibly Prussia.  Died after August 25, 1807 in Germantown, Bracken Co, KY.  Served Capt William Johnston, Lancaster County Militia.


Hessian Mercenary FRY—According to our family legend, the father of Daniel H. Fry, born 1796 in Huntingdon Co, PA, was a Hessian soldier, forced to fight for England.  He either defected or survived the conflict.  Either way, he stayed in the colonies.  His first name is unknown, but his wife’s name was Elizabeth Harker—and I do have Harker DNA matches.

(I recently discovered letter, my alter this legend.  Daniel H. Fry’s father may have been a patriot after all.  More research is needed.)


Henry Green—Revolutionary War soldier buried in Hughes Cemetery, Schuyler County, Illinois.


Photo at by Colista Acheson.

Jenkins Phillips–Service: VIRGINIA    Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE

Birth: CIRCA 1726   Death: ANTE 1-9-1785     LOUDOUN CO VIRGINIA


Details from the DAR site.

George Humphreys—born about 1764, probably Stafford Co, VA.  Died April 10, 1840 in Edwards Co, IL.  Lived in Gibson Co, IN.  Wife Frances Garrard was the niece of James Garrard, Gov. of Kentucky, and she may have a connection to the Washington family.


Joseph Woods—born August 22, 1745 in Albemarle Co, VA.  Died Jan 16, 1835 in Princeton, Gibson Co, IN.  Buried Marsh Creek Cemetery, Turkey Hill, Gibson Co, IN.


(Photo: My son Paschal at the tombstone of Joseph Woods, 2013.)