Rebecca McClung Billingsley Cuddy

Note:  In 1936, Harry Alexander Davis published The Billingsley Family in America.  It is a great work, but he mistakenly interchanged the names of two women on my Billingsley line.  He names Rebecca STABLER as the wife of James Billingsley (son of Walter and Ruth Clarke Billingsley), and then says that Sarah McCLUNG married James and Rebecca’s son, Samuel McClung Billingsley.  Research I conducted in Baltimore in 2001 cleared up the mistake.  Other records and the McClung and Stabler histories at the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, agreed:  James Billingsley married Rebecca McClung, and their son Samuel McClung Billingsley married Sarah Stabler.

In December 2001, I published the correction to Davis online at a wonderful site called  This site, now archived by Ancestry, was a message board for genealogists.  I broke through brick walls because of the collaboration with other researchers.  Below is the post:

From: Dann Norton <>
Subject: [BILLINGSLEY-L] Rebecca McClung–Not Stabler, wife of James #63 in Davis
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 18:53:43 -0600

Rebecca McClung (listed as Stabler by Davis p. 132) was born 12 Aug 1784 in Maryland (W. McClung 206), the daughter of Joseph McClung and Chloe Royston. According to the McClung Genealogy by Rev. William McClung, she married James Billingslea, first, then Lawson Cuddy.

Rebecca married James Billingsley(slea), son of Walter and Ruth Clarke Billingsley, around 1800, probably in Baltimore County, Maryland, although no record of such marriage has been found. They had at least the following children: John, Walter, Joseph, Ruth, Robert, and Samuel McClung Billingsley. According to The Billingsley Family in America by Davis, there was a daughter Rebecca who married Lawson Cuddy. I believe Davis was confused with the mother’s second marriage. James Billingsley was in the War of 1812, discharged in September 1814 and died later that year.

Rebecca married Capt. Lawson Cuddy 18 August 1821 in Baltimore County, Maryland. He was also in the War of 1812, as a Lt. in Nace’s Regiment, Maryland Militia. H. Randy McClung lists the following children of Lawson and Rebecca in the McClung Family Association newsletter: Nancy b. 19 July 1822, Isaac b. 30 July 1826; Elizabeth b. 12 May 1826, Wesley Royston Cuddy b. 21 Jan 1828. These birthdates do not match up, and there should be a son Elijah. I do not find a daughter Elizabeth, so perhaps she should be changed to Elijah

According to Davis, Rebecca moved to Iowa with her children and died in 1843. McClung states she died in 1856. The Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore County Advocate 1850-1864 by Barnes lists a Lawson Cuddy death reported 30 October 1858 (this was Lawson, Jr. of Philadelphia), and Mrs. Rebecca death reported 19 March and 2 April 1859. Another Rebecca M. C. Cuddy death reported 7 Septmeber 1850; this was the one-year old daughter of Isaac and Martha Cuddy.

Rebecca McClung b. 12 Aug 1784 Maryland
Married James Billingsley about 1800 in Maryland. (James died 1814)
1. John Billingsley b. 1805, moved to York Co, PA, married Hannah. He died 1835 Warren Co, OH.
2. Walter Billingsley b. 1806, married Mary Sewell, to Butler Co, Ohio. He died 1850.
3. Joseph H. Billingsley b. 1807 married Sarah Warfield, to Ohio and Schuyler Co, IL
A. James Harvey
B. Mary Ann, md. Benjamin Philips (my grandmother’s line)
C. William Pruitt
D. Henrietta, md. Abraham Strausbaugh
E. Robert Joseph (my grandfather’s line)
F. Samuel McClung
G. Benjamin Warfield
4. Ruth C. Billingsley b. 1811, md. John Cuddy (probably son of Lawson, and her step-brother)
A. Sarah b. 1834 MD
B. James b. 1836 MD (source, 1850 Baltimore Co, MD census)
C. Rebecca b. 1838 MD
D. John b. 1840 MD
5. Robert Billingsley b. 1813, married 1838 Almenia Bishop in Warren Co, OH
6. Samuel McClung Billingsley b. 1815 (after father’s death), md. Sarah E. Stabler (Frey 27). (Sarah E. Stabler is listed as McClung in Davis p. 331, so he had the maiden names of mother and wife switched.)

Rebecca McClung Billingsley married Lawson Cuddy 18 August 1821 Baltimore Co, Maryland.
7. Nancy b. 19 July 1822 (with parents in 1850 Baltimore Co, MD census), ?md. A Key or Kay.
8. Isaac b. 30 July 1826, married Martha
9. Elijah b. 1827, married Catharine
10. Wesley Royston Cuddy b. 21 Jan 1828, md. Rachel Ann Stabler June 1850 (Barnes), sister of Sarah above. (Frey 27). (Davis listed a daughter, Rachel, b. 1830. There is a Rachel listed with Lawson and Rebecca in 1850 Baltimore, but this is Rachel Stabler Cuddy, wife of Wesley.)

Rebecca McClung Billingsley Cuddy died March 1859, Baltimore County, Maryland.

(I would like to verify this death date by death notice or mortality schedule.)

Sources: Barnes, Robert W. Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore County Advocate 1850-1864. 1985.
Davis, H.A. The Billingsley Family in America. 1936.
Frey, Frank H. “The Stabler Family of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois.” Compiled 1935.
McClung, H. Randy. “The Maryland McClungs.” McClung Family Association, Vol 30. 1995.
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My parenthetical message (in bold above) is something I still wanted to pursue.


Several months ago, I got a message from Kelly O’Hanrahan, a cousin through the Strausbaugh line mentioned above.  She wrote:

What a find, even if it was found in such a strange way.  It is true that people sometimes used tombstones from forgotten cemeteries to create walkways.  Hmmm.  But from this landscaper we get these artifacts:



Sadly, the bottom of the stone is missing, but you can just make out the top of the year 1859.


This was a grandson of Rebecca and her second husband Lawson Cuddy.


A little history of the area around Monkton, Maryland, may shed light onto our ancestors origins  in the area.  According to Wikipedia, “East of Monkton is an area named ‘My Lady’s Manor,’ known for its horse farms, sprawling countryside, and old, stately homes set back from the country roads. In 1713, Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, decreed 10,000 acres (40 km²) for himself. He made a gift of this land to his fourth wife, christening the estate ‘My Lady’s Manor.'”

The McClung Genealogy by William McClung, published in 1904 states this about Rebecca McClung Billingsley Cuddy’s parents:

2-3 Joseph McClung, b. in Ireland, May 20, 1763; d. 
1825; m. 1783, Chloe Riston (sic. Royston), b. 1760. They lived in "My 
Lady's Manor," Baltimore Co., Md.

So, “My Lady’s Manor” was the ancestral home of Rebecca McClung’s family.


Each year I try to attend two family reunions in my hometown–the Billingsley reunion of the children and descendants of Clarence A. and Gladys C. Morris Billingsley, and the reunion of the descendants of Samuel Webster “Pop” and Catharine Montooth Phillips.

Clarence A. Billingsley was the son of Benjamin Warfield Billingsley, who was the son of Robert Joseph Billingsley, who was the son of Joseph and Sarah Warfield Billingsley.  Joseph was the son of James Billingsley and Rebecca McClung.

Samuel Webster Phillips was the son of Benjamin Phillips and Mary Ann Billingsley, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Warfield Billingsley.  Rebecca McClung Billingsley Cuddy was Pop’s great-grandmother.