Father’ Day–review

It is Father’s Day.  I am posting links to two previous articles connected to my father, Danny L. Norton.

Dad pic

DNA unveiled that my father was not the biological son of his father, Clarence Norton.  Although there has been one 2nd cousin match, and a several 3rd and more distant, none of these matches have revealed who Dad’s “real” dad is.  I am sure he is connected to the Teel, Graves and Loder family, and there are only a few people who fit into that family organization.

Then, one day, AncestryDNA claimed Dad had a new ancestry discovery.  The top three New Ancestor Discoveries are Joseph Graves, Sophia Loder–who I am sure are Dad’s great-grandparents–and Amos Myron Bacon.

Bacon 1

This man looks a lot like my father–even enough for my five-year-old to say, “That’s Pee-paw.”  But I cannot find a logical connection to be dad’s real dad’s line, and there is a possibility Amos’s wife was related to Dad’s mother’s ancestor.

The mystery continues.

Below are two previous articles about Y-DNA testing and it’s results for my family, and a more specific post about my dad and his brothers.



Check out AncestryDNA and FamilytreeDNA for Father’s Day sales on DNA tests.



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