Theophilus Case

I have been working with two researchers on an extraordinary genealogical mystery.  Incorrect pedigree charts have been causing many problems.  The guesses that people made in the past were wrong.  Careful analysis of records is bringing out the true fruit of this vine!

One of the confusing men is Theophilus Case–there were several in the United States.  This post will discuss one from Kentucky, how he is confused with another in Ohio and Indiana.  Maybe this information will help some other Case researchers.

In 1820, a Theophilus Case is listed in Montgomery Co, KY. 310010—22010.

He is also listed in 1830: Theophilus Case, 0202101000000—002110101

Montgomery Will book D, p 294. The estate of Samuel Case was settled in December 1832, Montgomery County.  John Case was the administrator, and notes to Theophilus and Moore Case are marked.

Moore Case is named in 1830 Bath County, Kentucky.  Moore Case 30-40 (b 1790-1800), spouse 20-30, a male and female 5-10, and a male and female 0-5.  (Moore is Theophilus’ brother.)

Jno. Case is in 1830 Boone County, Kentucky.  John Case 30-40 (b. 1790-1800), spouse 20-30, two females 10-15, two males 10-15, two males 5-10, and two females and one male 0-5.  (This may be Theophilus’ brother, as a sister Mary J. Case Hughes also lived in Boone County.)

The will of Theophilus Case is found in Montgomery Will Book E, p 53-54.

Son, Joseph, kept “my farm and all the stock on it” as well as a “negro boy Henry” until all the debts were paid, and Theophilus gave Joseph five years to conduct this business.

Son George was to get one year of schooling, and Joseph was to pay for that.

After the five years and the debts were paid, Henry was to go to the wife, Mary, for her life.  .

Two daughters, Sally and Nancy, were to stay with Joseph and their mother without paying board until the debts were paid.

At the end of five or seven years, all the children were to divided the property equally, leaving 1/3 to the widow.  The children were Joseph, James, Theophilus, George, Sally and Nancy.

Joseph was the executor.  The will was written on 17 February 1840 and signed Theo Case.  Witnesses were Turner Anderson, Edward Stringer.

The will was presented to court in April 1840.

The 1840 Census of Montgomery County lists Mary Case age 50-60, with two females 20-30, and one male 30-40.  Uriah Keath was listed three lines below. (Theophilus’ sister, Deborah, married Gabriel Keath–a relative of Uriah.)

Another “Thel Case” is listed in 1840 Bracken County, Kentucky.  age 60-70 (b 1770-80), spouse 60-70, and a female 30-40, a male and two females 20-30, a male 15-20, and a male under 5.  Other Cases in the county are Alexander (20-30),  Bassel Case (20-30), Martin Case (15-20), and John Case (30-40), and Joseph Case 50-60 (b 1780-90), David Case 20-30, Edward Case (60-70 b. 1770-80), William Case 30-40, and William Case 50-60.  There are Cases in Mason Co, KY too.

(Checking 1830 Census, this “Thel” appears to actually be Thos for Thomas.  Thomas Case is listed in 1830 Bracken Co, age 60-70 (b. 1760-70) with a  spouse 50-60, and two females and a male 20-30, a male and female 10-15, a male and female 5-10, and a male under 5.)

In 1840, a Theophilus Case , age 50-60, is listed in Saint Joseph Co, IN. (He is listed as Theoplus Carl on the index.) In 1850 Elkhart County, Indiana, a Theophilus Case, age 19 (b. 1831 IN) is listed with his mother, Sarah.  She is the widow of the Theophilus who was in St. Joseph County in 1840.  This older Theophilus is listed in 1830 Wayne Co, Indiana (indexed at as Theopholin Carr).  He is 40-50, his spouse is 30-40, and there are two females and one male 10-15, a male and female 5-10, and two females and one male under 5.

Bureau of Land Management, GLOrecords shows two or three military warrants for Theophilus Case which were in the name of his widow, Sarah.  This Theophilus was a private in Capt. Faris’s Company of Ohio Militia in the War of 1812.

Theophilus acquired land in St. Joseph Co, IN in 1837.

This link will show the hits for “Theophilus Case” at BLM GLOrecords.|st=|cty=|ln=case|fn=theophilus|sp=true|sw=true|sadv=false

So it seems more than probable that Theophilus Case who married Sarah Skidmore on 24 December, 1812 in Clermont County, Ohio is the man who lived in Indiana.  Was he related to the Cases in Bracken County, Kentucky?  It’s possible—Bracken is across the Ohio River from Clermont County.

But the Theophilus in Ohio and Indiana is not the same man as the Theophilus of Montgomery County, Kentucky.  The Kentucky man was the son of Joseph and Delilah Case of Bourbon County, Kentucky, and Bourbon records confirm such.  (More on those records in a future post.) The Kentucky man had a wife named Mary.  He had children, named above, including a son named Theophilus.

The 1850 Census of Bath County, Kentucky lists Theophilus Case, age 34 (b. 1816 KY) as WaggonMaker.

Wife Celia J. Case, 29.  Children: Louann Case 6, Arabella Case, 3, Mary J. Case 1.

Bath County borders Montgomery County. This must be the son of Theophilus of Montgomery County, Kentucky.

In 1860 Montgomery Co, KY, Sela J. Case age 38 is listed with Louann 16, Mary 12, living in the Jane Moss household.  It is not clear what happened to Theophilus, but he probably died.

I have not traced what happened to Celia/Sela, and the daughters.

Records of interest for Case researchers


Bath County Probate Index shows

Joseph Case Appraisements 1 p 10, settlement 1 p 299

James Case Appraisements 12 p 256


The Bracken County Wills & Settlements Index (1797-1866) lists the following Case records:

Shadrach Case Will B p233 278, , appraisal B 255, , Sett B 278,.

P 233

P 255

P 278


Edward Case’s heirs        Gr R  F p 384, No. 1562

(Dower Allotment in Will book E, p 415-16  The widow is Jane Case.


Jane Case Will F p 353 1563, Appraisal F 362 1564, Sale bill F 364 1565 Settlement G p 77 1566


David Case Appr F 361 1567, Sale Bill F 362 1568, Settlement G 81 1569

Davis Case           }

Mary J. Case       } guardian’s report, F 384, 387-388, G 172-174, H 182, and 196

William Case       } Guardian, Edward Case, 1851

Arthur Case        }


There are more records in the index at

Additional names are

Anna Maria Case

Sarah E Case

John H Case

Mary E Case

Zephaniah Case

Cynthia Ann Case Will H p 218

John Case Will I p 164

Melissa D. Case Will N 424

And so on…