Five Robert Gotts in 1850 Indiana

This report was made in 2008, and updated in 2011.  It has sat on my computer since then. 

This article is a study of Robert Gotts listed in 1850 in the state of Indiana

There are five Robert Gotts listed in Indiana in the 1850 Federal Census.

A. Robert Gott, Union, Montgomery Co, IN b. c. 1833 IN
B. Robert Gott, Richland, Fountain Co, IN b. c. 1828 KY
C. Robert Gott, Brown, Montgomery Co, IN b. c. 1831 IN
D. Robert Gott, Brown, Montgomery Co, IN b.c. 1781 NC
E. Robert Gott, Scott, Montgomery Co, IN b. c. 1841 IN

Robert Gott (D) b. 1781 NC is listed with wife, Rebecca and son Robert (C) b. 1831 IN. The elder Robert md. Rebecca Hughes in 1823 in Shelby Co, KY. He had been previously married to Rachel Cole in 1802 in Shelby County. He had at least nine children by his two wives.

Robert Gott (C) b. 1831 in Montgomery Co, IN, is the son of Robert and Rebecca Hughes Gott. He will marry Rachael Doyle on 18 November, 1852, in Montgomery Co, IN. His estate will be administered in Montgomery County in 1880. Heirs included his widow, Rachael, later married to Joseph Blackburn; Rebecca A. Gott, Henry Gott, Mary E. Gott, and Martin Sarvies, guardian for James L. Gott.

Robert Gott (E) is listed with his parents, William and Rhoda (Swindler) Gott. This William Gott was a son of Robert and Rachel Cole Gott.

Robert Gott (B) b. 1828 fits for Robert L. Gott, son of Thomas and Nancy Russell Gott of Shelby Co, KY and Montgomery Co, IN. This Robert is listed as a laborer with the William H. and Mary Rice family. Thomas Gott’s estate was administered by Washington Rice, so it seems likely that there was a connection between these two families. This Robert will marry Louisa Jane Miles on 12 November, 1850, in Montgomery Co, IN, eventually moving to Grundy Co, MO.

Robert Gott (A) was born about 1833 in Indiana. This Robert has not been placed with a family. My research leads me to believe he may be the son of James and Ann Jones Gott. It seems that James Gott married in 1831, and died about 1837. Ann Gott md. Joseph Stubbins in 1838. In the 1840 census, Joseph Stubbins is listed with a male age 5-10, which is too old to be his child by Ann. It could be Ann’s child by Gott. A search for Gott males born between 1831 and 1835 brings up ONLY this Robert as a possible choice based on the assumptions above.

Four of these Roberts are found in the 1860 census of Montgomery County. Only Robert Gott (A) is missing. He cannot be found in later censuses, so perhaps died between 1850 and 1860.

Samuel McAtee of Bedford County, PA

Samuel McAtee of Bedford County, PA

Dann M. Norton, 12/23/2017


Samuel appears in

1800 Shipton, Allegany Co, MD                      age 26-45                              b. 1755-1774

1810 Southampton, Bedford Co, PA              age 26-45                              b. 1765-1784


By synthesizing these two records, we get Samuel’s birth between 1765-1774.

1820 says he is over 45, which makes his birth before 1775–which is what we know.

1830 says he is age 50-60, making his birth range 1770-1780.

Thus we can narrow his birth range to 1770-1774.

Samuel’s spouse is unknown.  Assuming he had only one spouse–and the census records show a consistent age, so there is no reason to assume otherwise–her name began with the letter R.  We know this because the son, Walter, has a tombstone, and it says that he is the son of S. & R.

Previous researchers chose the name “Rebecca” as her possible first name because it starts with an R.  It could easily be Rachel, Rhonda, or any other R name, probably not Rumplestiltskin–and there is no magical prize for learning her name–just gratitude!

Samuel has a spouse in…

1800 Shipton, Allegany Co, MD                      age 16-26                              b. 1774-1784;Note 2 children under 10.

1810    Southampton, Bedford Co, MD         age 26-45                              b. 1765-1784

Based on the 1800 record, she can be no younger than 26 and no older than 36 in 1810, but this only narrows her birth to 1774-1784–which is what we already know.

1820 Southampton, Bedford Co, PA gives four females in the household–one is 10-16, one is 16-26, one is 26-45, and one is 45+.  “R” is between 36-46.  IF she is the oldest female, then her birth range is before 1775, and her birth is narrowed to 1774-75.  If she is the second oldest female, her birth range is 1775-1794; knowing she is at least 36 narrows it even more to 1775 to 1784.

There is no way to tell who the people in the household are.  “R” could be the oldest female, or the second oldest.  She had 2 females, probably daughters, under age 10 in 1810–these daughters would be 10-20 in 1820, so the two younger females (age 10-16 and 16-26) could easily be those daughters.  The logical choice is that “R” is the female 26-45.  Perhaps the older female is the mother of Samuel or R, or an older sister of either.  She could be an aunt, a domestic servant, any number of possibilities.  No records indicate any answer. 1820 is also the year that three extra males appear in Samuel’s household–this will be discussed below.

The oldest male is 0-10 in 1800.  This child was born between 1790-1800.  In 1810, he is 10-16, so born between 1794 and 1800.  In 1820, this male would have to be between 20 and 26, which would put him in the 18-26 category on the 1820 census.  There are three males in that category.  Since William McAtee is the son who had administration of Samuel’s estate, he is probably the eldest.

The tax lists of Bedford County will help to name these tally marks in the census records.

In 1810, Samuel also has four males under 10, born between 1800-1810.  So, one male we know (probably William) is born before 1800, and I am guessing by the 1840 census where William is age 40-50, it was close to 1798-99.  Then a female about 1800.    Then these four males listed in 1810 and two females under 10 in 1810.  One of these females I think is probably the female b. about 1800, just not 10 yet.  The younger children in 1810 are then born between 1800 and 1810.

In 1820, the first son would be 20-26, the first daughter probably right at 20, then four males and one female 10-20.  That’s five children in 10 years, so probably space out about two years apart.

But in 1820, Samuel seems to have additional household members besides the older female 45+ we discussed earlier.  In this report he has 4 males 0-10, 3 males 10-16, 0 males 16-18, 3 males 18-26, no males 26-45, and himself 45+; no females under 10, one female 10-16, one female 16-26, one female 26-45, and one female 45+.

A deed between Abraham McAtee and Walter McAtee (Bedford County, PA, Deed Book Z, pp 341-342) states that Samuel had nine heirs.  The 1830 census shows eight younger people in Samuel’s household, and in Bedford Township is listed a John McAtee age 20-30, with a wife, 20-30 and a child under 5–so this man was recently married.  Eight in the household plus John makes NINE!

Here is a break down from that 1830 report

Samuel                                age 50-60                              born 1770-80

Female                                age 20-30                              born 1800-10

Male                                    age 20-30                              born 1800-10

Male                                    age 20-30                              born 1800-10

Male                                    age 20-30                              born 1800-10

Male                                    age 15-20                              born 1810-15

Male                                    age 15-20                              born 1810-15

Male                                    age 10-15                              born 1815-20

Male                                    age 5-10                                born 1820-25


Note: Samuel’s estate mentions that he is guardian for one John Smith “ward of intestant.”  This person could be in the household too.  That would make room for an additional child.  (One could speculate that John Smith is the male 5-10, that he is a son of a daughter, perhaps the female 20-30.—but no records have been searched to prove that.)

The nine children would be

  1. William b. c. 1799; seems to have married and had a family. Listed in 1840 Bedford County census age 40-50, wife 20-30, a male and female under 5.  Be careful not to     confuse him with his cousin, William of Walter (of Allegany Co MD) who was a single man, living in Bedford County, PA, in 1850 through 1880.
  2. Unknown female
  3. Walter b. 1801 PA (1850 Morgan Co, VA census). Married 15 Sept 1832 in Allegany Co,  MD to Mary McAtee, daughter of Walter.  (He is called Walter of Samuel in          Walter’s—Mary’s father—probate papers.
  4. Jonathan/John b. between 1800-10, based on 1830 Census of Bedford Co, PA.
  5. Thomas C. b. 1808-1812. In Delaware Co OH 1840, Logan Co, OH 1850, then to Lasalle Co, IL.  Married Mary Thompson, probably a daughter of Elisha/Elias and Hannah McAtee Thompson, married 1810 Berkeley Co, VA (WV).
  6. George b. 1812 (1850 Champaign Co OH census) Married 21 Oct 1843 to Christiann Hoff in Logan Co, OH.  This is the same county where Thomas C. McAtee lived in 1850.
  7. Abraham, b. 1814 PA (1850 Carroll Co, IN census). Moved to Iroquois Co, IL.
  8. Robert—b. 1820, based on that he is the Robert age 30 in Walter and Mary McAtee’s household in 1850 Morgan Co, VA.  Suspect he is the Robert listed as father of John  Thomas McAtee, died 16 Nov 1910, Buchanan Co, Iowa; Parents listed as Robert        McAtee and  —- Dunhue. That is very close to Donoho. The Donoho family is                connected with the McAtees.  This man had connections to Frederick County, Va.
  9. Unknown female.

The names William, Walter, and Samuel are found in early records of Berkeley County VA (WV).  A William, age 45+, appears in 1810 Berkeley County.  He is a likely candidate for the father of Samuel and Walter.