Will of David Harmon, 1881

While updating some information on Wikitree and at Ancestry.com, I realized that most descendants of David Harmon apparently did not have his will. I located this will in 2006 at the courthouse in Independence, Kentucky. I cannot find it in the Kenton County court books available on FamilySearch.org, but I know that this will exists. My notes state that I found it in Fiduciary Box 15. It also says the will is copied in Book 2, but it is not the same Book 2 as on FamilySearch. I believe that there may be multiple books–a set kept in Independence, and another in Covington. Since the will is hard to acquire, I am making it available via my blog. This will is the only record that verifies the names of the children of David Harmon and his wife, Elizabeth Youngman: Samuel J. Harmon, John P. Harmon, Nancy M. Ackman, and Sarah Hightower. One more daughter, Mary, is listed in census records, but never married.

The Will

            Knowing the uncertainty of this life and now being far advanced in age and blessed with ordinary health sound mind and some property and being desirous that my property may be justly divided between my two now living children and the children of my two deceased children after my death—Wherefore I make this my last will and bequests to take effect at my death as follows—to wit—To my son Samuel J. Harmon I will and devise my homestead tract of land containing about one hundred and fourteen acres situated on the waters of cruises creek in Kenton County Kentucky on which I now reside conditioned that he my said son Samuel pay to the children of my son John P. Harmon deceased one thousand and fifty-dollars ($1050.00) payable one fourth one year after my death, one fourth two years after my death, one fourth three years after my death, and the remaining fourth four years after my death—said payments are not to bear interest until they mature and are to remain a lien upon said land untill paid and that he my said son Samuel pay to the children of my deased daughter Nancy M. Ackman one thousand and fifty dollars ($1050.00) in like payments without interest as above named with lien upon said land untill paid—and that he my said son Samuel pay the further sum of Eight-hundred and fifty dollars ($850.00) to my daughter Sarah A. Hightower payable in like payments without interest with a lien upon said land until paid as before discribed—all said sums I will and desire to said respective parties before named as the proceeds of my said Land it being the only real estate now owned by me and which I estimate to be worth Three thousand Eight-hundred dollars ($3,800.00) which amount I distribute as before directed having heretofore advanced two hundred dollars to my said son Samuel and the same amount to my said daughter Sarah A. Hightower thereby making an equal distribution of the Estimated value of my said land between my said four children.  I further will and devise all my money and personal estate to equal parts at my death after paying my funeral expenses and any just debts I may then owe to my said son Samuel and to my said daughter Sarah A. Hightower and to the children of my said son John deceased and to the children of my said deceased daughter Nancy M. Ackman the remaining fourth part of my money and personal Estate.  I further will and direct that my said son Samuel qualify as my executor without security at the first term of the Kenton county court after my death and that he at once advertise and sell to the highest bidder without appraisement all of my personal property, reduce it to money and distribute the same in four equal parts as before directed in this my last will and testament In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this 18th day of June 1880.

Witness L.L.Yowell                                                                David Harmon

W.L. Harman

State of Kentucky

Kenton County Court

April Term April 18th 1881

                                    The foregoing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of David Harmon decd was February 21st 1881 produced in court filed and continued for probate and was at the aforesaid April Term proven, established, and admitted to probate as and for the last Will and Testament of said decedent and as such the same was ordered to be recorded which has been done accordingly.

                                                                        Attest:  Julius L. Bristow, Clerk

                                                                                    By Wes B. Wilson DC

Notes:  Transcribed 2006, by Dann Norton from the handwritten copy found in Fiduciary Box 15 at Kenton County Courthouse in Independence, KY.    This document is signed by David Harmon.

Copy is written in Will Book 2, page 7.

I could not find more documents to this estate at Independence, KY.

W.L. Harman, listed as a witness, is probably William Lucien Harman, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Harman.  Benjamin and Elizabeth were parents of Lucien, Columbus, Louisiana Harmon Harden, and Berry G. Harmon who md. Rosette Ackman.

Additional references to the estate of David Harmon are found in Kenton County Order Books, 1858-1922, at FamilySearch, but there is no genealogical information given.

Kenton County Court Order Books (Familysearch.org, FHL No. 7647090,

Order Book 8, p. 166—E.J. Green, administrator of David Harmon, dec.—31 May, 1881

Order Book 8, p. 317—inventory recorded. 

Order Book 9, p 618—settlement of estate by E.J. Green, recorded, 23 June, 1884

Order Book 10, p 11—settlement.